Land Grading

Rough and final grades. We prep and install yards.We install gravel drive ways though any kind of terrain swamps, woods etc. We grade gravel drives. Dirt removal, install silt fence.

Post Hole Digging

Save yourself a day or more of back breaking post hole digging. When you’re getting ready to build a custom deck or setting post for your pole barn call B&D Construction. Auger holes for pole barns, decks etc,with post hole augers up to 36” bit.

Lot Clearing & Maintenance

Sweeping streets in sub divisions where new construction is under way, bush removal. Lot clearing for food plots, area to build, to put in a yard, brush clearing etc. We have a tree spade that will move up to a 3” diameter tree.

Skid Steer Services for Mid-Michigan

For those jobs that are too back-breaking for a shovel and too small for full blown excavation equipment.

B& D Construction skid services for Mid-Michigan provides services throughout all central Michigan cities and counties. From Charlotte, Michigan to St Johns, Michigan and Grand Rapids, Michigan to Fowlerville, Michigan we are mid-Michigan’s full service skid steer service solution. We work with farmers in Vermontville and Dimondale and work alongside builders and developers in Grand Ledge and Holt. No matter what your exterior project is B&D Construction skid steer services will help you get it done quickly and reduce time and mess.

Skid Steer Service for Mid-Michigan Farming and Agriculture

Whether you are a large farm maintaining 1000s of acres or a small farm with a couple of a horses, B&D Construction skid steer services can reduce your work load. From post hole digging for fences or pole barns, to clearing fields or ditches, a skid steer can turn a three day job into a couple of hour job.

• Digging a water line to your horses and livestock
• Digging a drainage ditch
• Removing clay
• Burying an electrical line to your barn or outbuilding
• Moving rock piles from fields
• Clearing lots
• Drill pole barn post holes 12” to 36”
• and more

Skid Steer Service Mid-Michigan Construction – Builders and Contractors

Mid-Michigan commercial contractors and residential home builders hire a skid steer to clear lots of tress, boulders, rocks and debris. We also help residential builders in the development of subdivisions. Our experienced skid steer operators, clear land for finish grading for building of homes or commercial buildings as well as driveways and roads.

• Lot clearing
• Finish Grading
• Custom Trenching
• Spreading sand, soil and gravel
• Removing clay
• Removal of stumps, boulders, rocks, and other objects
• Create berms
• Create roads or driveways
• Removal of old concrete
• Landscaping Projects
• and more

Skid Steer Service for Mid-Michigan Landscaping Projects

Primarily mid-Michigan home owners and landscape architects hire a skid steer to remove and rework existing landscaping including removing trees or relocating them, removing or relocating boulders and rock piles, digging holes for new trees plus clearing and creating pathways.

• Property and brush clearing
• Create berms, embankments
• Land restoration, lot clearing
• Removing land, dirt, rocks, debris
• Leveling of land, finish grading
• Clear trees, move trees
• Create ponds, water features
• Removing old concrete
• and more

Skid Steer Service for Mid-Michigan Home Owners

If you have an existing home requiring finish grading for better water drainage, or a newly purchased home in need of a new pole barn or garage, Central Michigan B&D Construction skid steer services will lighten your load. Our skid steer operators are experienced maneuvering the skid steer into tight areas without damage to existing structures or landscaping.

• Finish Grading
• Driveway and sidewalk smoothing
• Lot clearing
• Custom Trenching
• Removal of trees, stumps, rocks, and other debris
• Placement of large boulders or decorative items
• Create berms
• Building Demolition
• Landscaping Projects
• Removing old concrete
• and more

Skid Steer Service for Mid-Michigan Municipalities

When nature creates havoc of city streets or township and county roads, B& D Construction’s skid steer can come to the rescue. Removal and clearing of trees and debris from roadways and sidewalks requires a quick response. A skid steer is the perfect solution when cities or townships need small equipment that can get into tight spots without fear of damaging infrastructure or personal property.

• Tree removal
• Debris clean up and removal
• Land restoration, lot clearing
• Leveling of land, finish grading
• Snow clean up and removal from streets and sidewalks
• Removing old concrete
• Landscaping Projects

Over 20 years experience with Residential and Commercial Skid Steer Services.

  • Rough & Final Grades
  • Post hole settings for fences, decks or pole barns
  • Street sweeping
  • Yard prep for planting grass
  • Silt fence
  • Gravel Driveway Installation
  • French drain excavation
  • Pond excavation of all sizes
  • Lot Clearing
  • Small Tree & Shrub Transplanting
  • Skid Steer Services

Simply put, We Do It All!

Skid Steer and Excavating Services in Michigan

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Michigan Excavating & Skid Steer Services

Based out of Charlotte, MI, Serving the Greater Lansing Area. Including: Battle Creek, Bellevue, Charlotte, DeWitt, Dimondale, East Lansing, Eaton Rapids, Grand Ledge, Haslett, Hastings, Holt, Lansing, Marshall, Mason, Mulliken, Okemos, Olivet, Potterville, Sunfield, Vermontville, Williamston

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